Exploring Our Community One Facility at a Time

Conrad's Facility Tours

This is an informal group of people who are curious about their community. We visit industrial, medical, educational, religious and law enforcement facilities to learn about local activities, primarily in Cumberland County, Tennessee. 

Nearly all tours are free of charge and typically last between one and two hours but it always depends on the number of questions that are asked. Each tourist is responsible for gettting to the facility. We typically car pool. We do not rent a bus. 

You cannot sign up for individual tours on this website. You CAN sign up to join this group of “tourists” and then you will start to receive personal invitations to individual tours when space is available.

Our mission is the same as the BBC……to inform, educate and entertain..

New Tourists If you would like to be added to my list of tourists please click on the “Become a Tourist” link, at the top right of this page, to register. You will receive email invitations to all tours but you can “Unsubscribe” at any time and receive no more emails. 

Upcoming Tours

#38 EdenRidge, Hebbertsburg
Thursday, September 23rd
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#39 Hit ‘n’ Miss Farm, Plateau Road
Friday, September 24th
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#40 Sailboat Regatta, Fairfield Glade
Tuesday, September 28th
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#41 Art Circle Library, Crossville
Friday, October 1st
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#42 The Feed Store, Crossville
Thursday, October 7th
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