This is an informal group of people who are curious about their community. We visit industrial, medical, educational, religious and law enforcement facilities to learn about local activities, primarily in Cumberland County, Tennessee. Only paid members can make reservations and attend the tours… guests.

Nearly all tours are free of charge and typically last between one and two hours but it always depends on the number of questions that are asked. Each tourist is responsible for getting to the facility. We typically car pool. We rarely rent a bus. 

You attend all tours at your own risk and agree to hold harmless both Conrad Facility Tours and the facility owner.

 New Members: You can sign up to become a member of this group of “tourists” using the “Become a Tourist” button above which will start a 30 day trail period. During this period you will receive invitations and you can attend tours. You must pay the $10 annual membership fee using  the “Payments” link above before the trial period ends or you will stop receiving invitations and you will be unable to attend tours.

The “Make or Cancel a Reservation” button is only added to a tour below when the invitation has been sent out. 

Our mission is the same as the BBC……to inform, educate and entertain.

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***Upcoming Tours***

#127 Art Circle Library

Tuesday, Jul 23rd at 10:00am

#123 Bernie's Car Barn

Tuesday, Jul 23rd at 1:00pm Central Time

#128 Palace Theater Backstage

Wednesday, Jul 24th at 10:00am

#124 Common Grounds Coffee Shop

Friday, Jul 26th at 10:00am

#125 Habitat for Humanity

Tuesday, Jul 30th at 10:00am

#126 TCAT College

Wednesday, Jul 31st at 9:00am

# Bristow RoadWinery

Friday, Aug 2nd at 3:30pm

#129 TWRA

Tuesday, Aug 6th at 1:00pm

#130 Eden Ridge

Wednesday, Aug 7th at 10:00am

# Galena Garlic

Tuesday, Aug 13th at 11:00am

# Dogwood Exchange

Thursday, Aug 15th at 9:00am

# Sunrise Dairy ($12)

Thursday, Aug 15th at 12:00pm Noon

# Remote Flyers

Saturday, Aug 17th at 10:00am

# Grinder House Coffee Shop

Thursday, Aug 22nd at 10:00am

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