A Few of the Destinations We Visit

Conrad Facility Tours started in 2013. Since that time we have visited over 110 different destinations located within a two-hour drive of Crossville. Here is just a small sample of those – hopefully the more popular and/or interesting ones.

Micro craft beer manufacturer and tap room. A variety of great brews that is family and dog friendly. The Swing On Brewery is located on Potato Farm Road about 10 miles north of Crossville. The brewery is owned by Bruce and Laura Evans, a delightful couple, who work hard at making everyone feel welcome in this brewery in the backyard of their home. They started the brewery just as COVID started. They worked through the pandemic  and grew the business rapidly. There success promted them to build a much larger taproom on the other side of their house.


This is a Tennessee Ranch raising registered yaks for fiber wool, cute pets and breeding. Premier quality yaks have joined the ranch from the best known yak breeders in the US. They have 20 animals at the moment. Ali, the owner and tour guide, iss pasionate about yaks and is dedicated to educating everyone about these wonderful animals.
The Yaks are very cute and tame but they are rather sensitive to crowds, though they will come to the fence looking for treats. In addition to getting up close to yaks and having an opportunity to hand feed them, you will also get an opportunity to purchase yak products such as socks and scarfs made from yak wool.


Bernie likes cars. He likes car’s so much that he has an old barn with quite a few old cars. In fact he has a wonderful collection of vehicles in multiple outbuildings. He restores the vehicles purely for his own satisfaction. He does not sell the beautiful finished vehicles. He loves working on them and loves talking about them. I asked if he would be interested in hosting a tour, and he said ‘yes’

If you are at all interested in old cars I have no doubt that you will enjoy this experience …..or if you are just a little bit curious about your community.


Wastewater System Manager, Bruce Evans, checks on the Arkal Disk Filter. A massive pump sends effluent water through the filter before heading to the drip fields. Bruce is passionate about his work and that passion comes through loud and clear throughout his tour.  This tour is so popular that it is one of the few tours that we rent a bus for the tourists so they can see the extent of the whole facility. For many years this was the most popular of all our tours.

Welcome to Moss Meals! We are a meal prep service focusing on high protein, moderate carb, & lower fat meals. These meals are ready to heat & eat for your convenience (just warm them in the microwave). Maggie and Andy Moss, the young couple who started this business, have made a huge success of it.

It is the fundamental mission of the Fairfield Glade Police Department to safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve, and to always strive to reduce the incidence of crime and the fear of crime and to do so while working together with our community partners our residents, visitors and coworkers. We will conduct ourselves with honor, integrity, and professionalism while at all times abiding by the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence.

We are a nationally accredited law enforcement agency comprising of dedicated and professional police officers and members who are committed to providing exceptional service every day. The department and its members take an active role in the community to improve the quality of life and security of our residents, visitors, and businesses.

We have visited the Tennessee College for Applied Technology many times. It is always interesting visiting the many departments of the college: auto repair, welding, nursing, hairdressing, computers, machine shop, etc.

Bryce McDonald is a captivating storyteller. He never runs out of stories to tell about the history of the Playhouse and anecdotes about backstage activities. His tours are the longest: typically about three hours long….and no leaves!

The tour of the Crossville Fire Department is always popular. There equipment is impressive and they have a very cappable team of firefighters.

Dell has had a colororful life and enjoys ssharing his experiences with our tourists. The beer flows and the stories get wilder! Everyone has a good time.

The Lazy G Bison Ranch is a few miles north of Cookeville. They have a few hundred head of bison and you get to experience them up close and personal. This is a very educational tour as you learn all about big animals.

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