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If you are not sure if you are already a member or cannot remember if you have paid you membership fee, check here.


If you have submitted the online membership form, providing your contact information, you are now a temporary member for 30 days and can enjoy all the benefits of membership.

In order to extend your membership you need to pay the annual membership fee of $10.00.

We accept credit card payments via our PayPal account. Please make your $10.00 payment using this button but if you prefer, the instructions for paying by check are given below. (If you wish to pay for two or more memberships together, scroll down this page to the second payment button which accepts any amount.)


Payment Policy

(1) The annual membership fee is due on the anniversary of becoming a member of Conrad Facility Tours. ( If you became a member on September 4th 2023 then you will need to renew your membership before September 4th 2024.)

(2) There is a 30 day trial period after you complete your membership form. At the end of the trial period, if we have not received your payment,  your status will be changed to  “Inactive” and you will be unable to make reservations.

(3) We encourage everyone to pay their membership fee on line using a credit card. However, if you prefer you can mail a check, payable to “Conrad Facility Tours” to our Treasurer at:

Conrad Facility Tours
c/o Mike Durnwald
45 Cedar Ridge Cir
Crossville, TN 38558

Conrad Facility Tours isa 501c(3) tax exempt organization in the State of Tennessee

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