Privacy Policy

Questions about how Conrad Facility Tours  collects and use data from this website? contact us at

Data Collection People who subscribe to our mailing list  provide some limited personal data such as name, email address, etc.. This individual personal information is collected by the Conrad Facility Tours and is not shared with anyone outside the  organization.

Data Usage The personal information is used in just two ways:
  • It is used to subscribe  people to our email list: they become members of Conrad Facility Tours. This list is used to communicate with our members, primarily to send them invitations for tours. It is also used to communicate publicity material and administrative information.  Any member may Unsubscribe from the list at any time using the Unsubscribe link in the footer of all emails sent out.
  • It is used, in summary form, to create a statistical profile of events  based on participants, zip code, etc.
Data Retention Individual personal information in the Conrad Facility Tours Email List is retained as long as the individual is subscribed to the list. When a person ceases to be a member, individual personal information will be retained for no more than five years and then destroyed. Summary information that is not traceable to any individual may be retained indefinitely.